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May 30, 2008

Web Comic Presents Excellent Poly Saga


Two years ago I rounded up some web comics treating polyamory. Even now that post keeps getting hits.

So here's another. The long-running "Fans!" has begun a storyline exploring a new-forming triad, complete with Heinlein and Wonder Woman references. It's a flashback explaining how three key characters got together. It helps to know who they are: flamboyant emo goth bondage girl with heart of gold, maybe; sweet little anime artist, a runaway from Japan; all-American Christian college kid, thinks he's Archie. Pick it up from here, and keep clicking the forward arrow. The first three pages are pre-flashbacks to set the mood for each character. God knows where this is heading.

But the artist knows what he's doing. As the story develops he's touching one poly reality base after another.

(Warning, bits may be slightly NSFW. Here's the artist's fan forum. Here's day one, long ago and far away. An' thanks to Anyee f' th' tip!)

Update: If you want to make sense of the June 4th strip, "Home," the first three panels (with their earlier drawing styles) are flashbacks:
(Thanks to AvalonXQ for the tip.)

Update: It just gets better. The storyline reaches its end on June 29th, having completed the tale. Rikk with a beard means that we've jumped forward to present time.

This'll be a poly-comic classic. Pass it on.

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Anonymous Marchbanks said...

Damn! I'm behind the times. I used to read Fans! in the day; it was one of the first Web comix I found. But when T shut it down what looked like for good, I deleted my bookmark and quit going there. It's re-bookmarked now.

June 01, 2008 8:11 PM  

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