Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

August 3, 2008

Poliamor report on El Universal TV

El Universal TV from Mexico broadcast a wonderful Spanish-language report about polyamory, five minutes long, on its news show Código 2008 on August 3, 2008. El Universal TV is a branch of Mexico's largest newspaper and is on Cablevision in parts of the U.S.

Watch it here (may require Internet Explorer or a Firefox plug-in), or on YouTube.

From the show's program guide (translated):

I live with my two boyfriends

Polyamory refers to the lifestyle of people who have intimate and loving relationships involving more than two persons, with the full knowledge of those involved. Diana, Israel and Sergio are a case that breaks away from the hitherto traditional Mexican family. Let's take a look at their banquet of loving.

Sunday August 3, 22:00 hrs.
Proyecto 40, or Channel 140 on Sky and Cablevision
On the Internet: www.proyecto40.com.mx [for subscribers].

The entire 49-minute news show, including the poly segment near the end, is also available on the Proyecto 40 site (choose Internet TV, then Código, then 3 de Agosto de 2008).

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