Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

October 20, 2008

"Do Open Relationships Work? Yes, But Only If…"

The Daily Spank

A blogsite that's newly diving into the subject of poly seeks your experiences:

They can be easy, and often are — at least the ones I’m familiar with, my friend’s — but an open relationship is also fraught with emotional pitfalls and resentments....

My friend is the local expert on this topic. Not only has he had several long-term and healthy open relationships, he’s still (miraculously to me) good friends with his exes. They all seem to be one big happy (kinky) family. He has an excellent blog that’s quickly becoming an impressive resource for all things Polyamory: www.polycoach.com.

So the Polycoach preaches: Communication.... The Polycoach says that the two partners in the primary relationship have to discuss what they’re comfortable with, both individually and as a couple, and more importantly, uncomfortable with. In other words, the ground rules have to be laid out first....

There are literally as many varieties of polyamory as there are people.

So it’s this humble correspondent’s opinion that “open relationships” only work IF both parties are excellent communicators, are trustworthy and have integrity, and are flexible in personality. Of course, there are probably countless examples of successful polyamorists who share none of these qualities. There is no set of rules appropriate for every situation. Bottom line? If it makes you happy, and her happy, and her, and him, mozeltov.

What are your experiences?

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