Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

December 29, 2008

Poly in Mexico, Chile, Brazil

Opción Bi; Terra; Folha da Região

Based in Mexico City, Opción Bi is an online magazine by and for bisexuals. It has published a long interview with Gabriela Granados, a journalist specializing in alternative sexuality for over 15 years, titled El poliamor es otra cosa, aquí no hay seguridades (Nov. 4, 2008). Partial translation:

Polyamory is something else, with no guarantees

...Opción Bi: What is the reason for the cultural resistance against accepting [things like] polyamory and bondage?

Gabriela Granados: The problem with polyamory is a widespread myth, and it may not be a myth but the truth for many people, that love can only be real for a couple. As if the arrival of a new child inevitably reduces the love I have for the previous one. But I think it's a fact that opening up possibilities beyond the couple does make things more complicated (not necessarily more difficult), what with the insecurities of human nature.

The comfort and safety that swingers have in their polysexual adventures come from trying to reserve affection to within the couple, which shares the most important things in life. With this clear limitation, they are free to exploit their potential for physical pleasures.

But polyamory is something else: there are no guarantees. Literally anything can happen, including falling in love with someone else and ending the existing relationship. It's more risky. Much more. The opportunities are certainly greater, endlessly so, but not everyone will accept such a challenge....

Read the whole article.

Granados gives a plug to the website Polyamoria.com, which in turn describes several local groups in Mexico and one in Spain.

Another article appeared in Opción Bi on November 8th: Bisexualidad, infidelidad y poliamor.

Also on the site is a Spanish translation of a classic article from 2003 by Derek McCullough and David S. Hall: El poliamor, lo qué es y lo qué no es.

Also in Mexico: last August, El Universal TV broadcast a five-minute report on polyamory on its news show Código 2008.


In Chile, an article just appeared in the newspaper Terra (in the women's section) titled Amantes experimentan el 'Poliamor' para huir de la monogamia.

Lovers try 'polyamory' to flee from monogamy

By Verónica Lavado

Imagine maintaining several relationships at once, with the approval and loyalty of each of your partners. If you've dreamed of it, be assured that many people consider that love should be shared — without any kind of ill will, and with full freedom.

Some men and women in the world have adopted a new form of relationship; being tired of maintaining a single partner, they have dared to share their lives with more than one person, leaving behind the concept of infidelity. Because what characterizes this movement is that everyone is aware of the other relationships, and therefore there is no place for jealousy or reproach.

This system is called polyamory, because the number of lovers is greater than two, rising to three, four, five or six pairs simultaneously, who may or may not be of the same sex, because for them the concept of love is so broad that there is no limit. They can share the same home, keeping certain rules of coexistence for everyone to live in fullness....

...For psychologist Sergio Vega Valencia, this trend has to do with the desire of some people to love and live in a different way....

Read the whole article.


And in Brazil, the newspaper Folha da Região (in Araçatuba, SP) presents an article titled Possibilidades de amor (Dec. 17, 2008):

Nowadays, the phenomenon called 'Poliamory' is growing worldwide and has also won fans in Brazil....

(A subscription is required to read it; 30-day free trial available.)

And here are some other articles and poly links in Portuguese.


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Blogger Anita Wagner said...

Just came across another out of romania.


As best I can tell, it's an article about sex news in 2008, and the poly reference is a basic explanation that goes something like "In 2008 there were people who have connections different than those charged so far so that it appeared the term "polyamory". Such people have relationships with several people, not only with one. These people cannot be compared with swingeri because it is not just about sex, but also by emotion."

Woohoo for world-wide polyamory! Thanks for keeping the poly world informed, Alan.

December 30, 2008 6:12 AM  
Blogger Anita Wagner said...

P.S. I have a poly friend who is married to a mono Romanian woman. He keeps hoping she'll be willing to open up - maybe this will help. I understand that Romania has a pretty conservative culture.

December 30, 2008 6:13 AM  
Blogger joy said...

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