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June 28, 2009

More poly en Español

La Capital (Rosario, Argentina)

Argentina has modernized a lot since the fascist horrors of 1970s. Here, a newspaper reviews a new book on the future of love, sex, and gender. (But it's too bad the paper had to use Photoshop to get two men and a woman into a poly triad!) An excerpt, translated:

Bye-bye to just one partner; on polyamory and bisexuality

A study speaks well of a "revolution in relations."

...This study predicts that in the near future, tender and loving bisexual relationships will be common currency. [The book is] La cama reb/velada: Pasado, presente y futuro del sexo y del amor (Editorial del Nuevo Extremo). The author, Regina Navarro Lins, is a renowned Brazilian psychoanalyst and sexologist, author of several books on the subject and a former professor at the Pontificia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro.

She asserts that "the range of choices of love is expanding" and presents a detailed analysis of love, marriage and sex throughout history and across cultures. She concludes that the assumption of people "being satisfied with one single partner is weakening, leading to the hypothesis that it is possible to love more than one person at a time."

The study speaks of a true "revolution in relationships," with paths to new forms of loving bonds among human beings. One new configuration that is gaining ground in connections among lovers is "polyamory."

...On the sexual level, one manifestation of polyamory is bisexuality. To explain how this can grow into bonds among men and women, the researcher mentions the North American doctor Alfred Kinsey... who claimed that what with the fluidity of sexual desire, for every heterosexual there is at least one person with varying degrees of desire for both sexes....

Read the whole article (June 15, 2009).


Another item: in Spain, canal Odisea (Odyssey Channel) presented eight TV documentaries on "new family models" (in cooperation with the BBC, CBC Canada and Chello Multicanal); one was on "the polyamory alternative." It was titled "I love you. And you, and you too." Description:

In a world where one of every two marriages ends in divorce and a high percentage of couples have adventures, many people seek alternatives to monogamy. Among those alternatives is polyamory: multiple relationships, but stable and durable. For many people this is taboo, for others a fantasy, but for some it is a reality. Odyssey invites you to follow families with several men and women, and explains the operation of this kind of life. We introduce a world where personal relationships are different than what we are used to, and consider the difficulties involved. (47 minutes.)

Here's the listing, with a winsome photo. The show was broadcast last February and was rebroadcast June 1, 2009. I don't find it online.


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Blogger Andre said...

Been a fan of Regina Navarro Lins (http://camanarede.terra.com.br/) since her responsible nonmonogamy suggestions in her 97 bestseller, "The Bed on the Porch". There is much happening outside the English-speaking world that takes a while to filter through. Kudos to 'Poly in the News' for keeping its orejas close to the ground.

June 29, 2009 8:42 PM  

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