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July 1, 2009

More poly i svenska

HBL (Helsinki)
The Swedish-language newspaper HBL in Helsinki, Finland, offers "Monogamy? No Thanks!" — with a photo of four toothbrushes (teethbreesh?) sharing a cup.

By Julia Wiraeus

Why choose? The more to share love with, the better. Or so say Leo and Ida, who opened their relationship to another partner. The threesome has been discontinued, but both still have their own lovers.

"One single person cannot be all in my life. It just doesn't work," says Ida, who is approaching middle age. "Many people believe that I get jealous when Leo meets his mistress, but I lose nothing by him having it good with another."...

"I had known this person a long time and noticed that I was about to be in love," [says Leo.] Before anything got started he talked with his wife. After long talks, they opened their relationship.

To always wake up next to the same person is impossible for Saku Susi. To have and to give love is most important. That is why he stopped distinguishing between friends and partners....

Polyamori has always existed, hidden or open.... [Susi] sees all human relations as unique. They transform and grow over time without being defined in relation to others. Anarchism in general, and relationship anarchism in particular, have been of interest to him since he came into contact with the concept on the web.... Googling on "polyamoria" pops up his blog.

...Around the world are political movements that want to make it possible to register partnership with several people. On Stockholm Pride [English; Svenska], polyamorösa is on the same footing as other sexual minorities....

Read the original article (June 26, 2009), and kommentera. Thanks to Zui Muss for the tip.

The article appeared in the newspaper's magazine insert, Volt. It says you can "learn more about polyamori and Ida and Leo, and Saku Susi and Moa" in the next day's issue (June 27), but if that's online yet, I couldn't find it.

P. S.: Two years ago I posted about a TV report on Poly Pride Week in Stockholm. Can anyone add some more links to Swedish poly media?

Also: note the Polykonferens 2009 in Göteborg, Sept. 6–9.

Also: check out Polyheart.se.

Also: polyforeningen.org.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"(Teethbreesh?)" comes, of course, from Heinlein's "Number of the Beast", right?

Rah for RAH!

July 02, 2009 9:22 AM  

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