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August 23, 2010

Upsurge of poly in the French media

Guilain Omont writes from Paris:

Hi Alan,

There has been an increase of interest in French media about polyamory in the last few months :-)  I've built a list of all the French publications (newspaper or radio) about polyamory; I found 13 of them, 7 of which are in the year 2010! The list:


There are also at least three TV channels that are making documentaries or broadcasts about the subject now.

Here's his list machine-translated into English, with the graphics. If you click through to the articles from here, most of them will also appear in (fractured) English.

One of the best, with the cutest graphics, appeared May 12th in the women's section of the major newspaper Le Figaro: "The Season of Polyamory". Excerpt:

...So then, one partner or several? Everyone is free to decide in good conscience, but one thing is certain: polyamory is not a microphenomenon born from the sexual looseness that has been hyped in recent years, but an alternative to traditional couplehood/marriage that could grow to assume a larger place in a world where independence, autonomy and freedom are held up more and more as the fundamental values of individual fulfillment.

"My book [Guide des amours plurielles], published in 2002, has brought me hundreds of letters from women and men relieved to see written what they had long dreamed," says Francoise Simpère....

As for Guilain Omont, he sees the Internet as the best ally in the advent of polyamory: "Before, to express polyamorous desires, one had to turn to hippie communities, marginal by definition. Today, the Net enables people on the one hand to discover the wide variety of ways to live in plural loves, and secondly, to finally put the polyamorous in contact with each other."...

Omont posted his list on a French poly site he runs, Amours Pluriels, which also offers local contacts, meeting dates, and links to other French resources.

Here are all my posts about poly in French media (including this one; scroll down). But I'm clearly missing many articles that are appearing in foreign languages.




Anonymous Guilain Omont said...


Yes, even for me, it becomes difficult to find time to read or listen to all articles or emissions about polyamory in the French medias :-)

August 24, 2010 4:10 AM  

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