Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

December 15, 2011

"Muggers With Fake Gun Thwarted by Polyamorous Inwood Family"

You know there's getting to be a lot of us when we land in the news for random reasons. This from a news service covering neighborhoods in Manhattan, New York:

Muggers With a Fake Gun Thwarted by Polyamorous Inwood Family

INWOOD — Police are looking for three suspects who attempted to rob an Inwood family with an L-shaped piece of plastic they hoped would be mistaken for a gun.

The polyamorous family — which consists of a woman, her husband and her girlfriend — were walking at the northern end of Isham Park where it meets Park Terrace West Saturday night when they noticed a group of young men walking very closely behind....

One of the men then motioned to them, calling, “Come here, come here,” before brandishing what appeared to be a gun.

“I could blast you away right here,” the would-be triggerman told the group, according to Rose Fox, 33, who was with her 39-year-old husband and her 33-year-old girlfriend.

Fox, who is open about her polyamorous lifestyle, looked at the "weapon," and saw that it appeared to be an L-shaped piece of dark plastic.

“We were in front of a building and there were other people around, and the 'gun' really did look fake, so I shouted really loudly for them to get the hell away from us while my girlfriend took out her phone to call 911.”...

The whole story (Dec. 13, 2011).

Regular readers may remember Rose Fox from two earlier appearances on this blog as a poly activist.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see a polyamorous group make the news for something other than... well... making the news.

Pity it was for being the victims of a mugging attempt.

December 16, 2011 9:10 AM  

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