Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

November 6, 2013

Poly activist profiled in her local alt weekly

Santa Fe Reporter

Mim Chapman's book What Does Polyamory Look Like? (2010) deserves more attention than I think it's gotten. It's a light-hearted field guide to the very different things that people often mean when they say "I'm poly!" Mim is a longtime activist and a board member of Loving More. This morning she and the book received some notice in her local alternative weekly paper:

More Than One Way

By Hunter Riley

If a previously taboo topic hits mainstream TV, you can hope it’s on its way to cultural, and eventually legal, acceptance.

....Some people use polyamorous as an umbrella term to mean anything other than monogamy, while some people choose to give “poly” a specific definition. Santa Fe counselor Mim Chapman Ph.D developed her definition of polyamory to help bring understanding of the term and lifestyle to couples, families, churches, agencies and more. Chapman has lived in Santa Fe for eight years and works as a coach to couples trying to navigate and build healthy polyamorous relationships and families. She authored a book, What Does Polymory Look Like?, wrote a curriculum to educate various groups around families that have more than two members, and teaches polyamory workshops.

“To me, poly is a lifestyle that believes that one can openly, honestly, romantically and with commitment love more than one person at the same time,” Chapman says. “And it’s also egalitarian, ideally. Everyone benefits and everyone has a say in the relationship… To me the key to polyamory is synergy.”

...Another common ‘aha’ moment for Chapman’s clients is when they question the scarcity of love model. The scarcity of love model follows the idea that if you love one person, your love is ‘used up’ and you can’t also love another person. I bet most people know that to be false....

Hunter Riley... is the store manager of Albuquerque’s best-voted sexy shop, Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center, selfservetoys.com. She also manages her personal sex education blog, hunterrileysexeducation.com....

Read the whole article (Nov. 6, 2013).

Hunter Riley writes the Santa Fe Reporter's Sex Ed column. Here's another example of sex-toy shops addressing the huge unmet need for sex education among adults in a society that does such a bad job of it in schools and elsewhere. LiveScience published an article about this phenomenon: Lacking Sex Ed, Adults Turn to 'Toy Parties'.


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Blogger Anita Wagner Illig said...

Well deserved indeed! Mim is an amazing woman. I'm glad to see her visibility rising in her local community.

November 07, 2013 3:15 AM  

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