Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

June 12, 2014

"Dozens of media outlets have tried to get us to agree to a reality show or documentary"


If you're somehow unaware that polyamory fascinates people and that the media know this, remember the poly-friendly apartment building that's opening in Brooklyn. A couple weeks ago the 15-bedroom brownstone got a blizzard of attention from New York newspapers, radio and TV. The story spread as far as the Netherlands. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Followup: Realtor and Open Love NY co-president Leon Feingold posts that all the rooms but three are now taken. He writes, "Dozens of media outlets have tried to get us to agree to a reality show or documentary — all of which I've vetoed, because it's designed as a safe space to live, not for others' ridicule or sensationalism."

Meanwhile, this followup story just appeared in BushwickDaily.com:

Up Close and Personal with Lily, the First Tenant of Polyamorous House in Bushwick

By Jennifer Shipon

Hacienda Villa’s first inhabitant half-jokingly bills herself as a “hippie elitist snob” — the result of degrees from Ivy League schools and an abiding interest in Burning Man....

“I was always the token monogamy person,” said Lily [a pseudonym]. Until she met a couple she hit it off with several years ago. “Our relationship was like Friends, but sexy.” It lasted for four months, and they’re all still pals. “[Being with two people] doesn’t feel like being polyamorous to me. It feels like ‘monogamy twice.’ Did I just invent that term? I should use that term!”

...Before moving to Hacienda, Lily lived in the Village with a roommate who confessed that it would be weird for her if Lily had more than one lover over at a time. “It’s a factor any place where I live, and it’s nice to be in a house where we speak the same language,” Lily explained....

Lily believes there isn’t nearly enough serious material published about open love. In fact, she is a member of a scientific sex research group comprised of colleagues and peers working on their own projects and distributing them via all forms of media, from books to TV shows to blogs. “There is a clear distinction between sex orgy people and people who have a sophisticated understanding of what it means to have relationships with multiple people,” Lily emphasized.

Lily says she might try to fill the dearth of legitimate open love writing and inaugurate her arrival at Hacienda Villa by starting a blog about what life is like there.

“I don’t understand jealousy,” Lily said. “Love is not finite, it’s infinite. You just need to create it.”...

Read the whole article (June 10, 2014).


In other news... The Kinsey Institute is collecting and categorizing all the slang and invented terms that people use for all kinds non-monogamous relationships. The idea seems to be to pin down their exact meanings, similarities, and differences as they are currently being used. Go take the survey.




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