Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

June 14, 2014

HuffPost Live: "What Happens In A Polyamorous Apartment Complex" turns into a Poly 101.

HuffPost Live

The Huffington Post has a popular news-and features video channel that's had more than 1 billion views since its August 2012 launch. Yesterday it aired a 17-minute segment that started as a report on Brooklyn's new poly-friendly Hacienda Villa, but a friendly host let the guests turn it into an enthusiastic and articulate Poly 101 seminar. The guests were Open Love NY co-presidents Leon Feingold and O-Man, and Hacienda Villa resident Lily. O-Man's skype connection crapped out early, but the other two show how it's done:

Watch carefully. The ones who get a lot of air time act lively, upbeat, and have practiced what they want to say. And Leon, at least, remembers to smile on camera, raise his eyebrows often, and otherwise look engaging. (The picture above isn't them; it's a generic stock photo.)

From the segment's webpage:

What Happens In A Polyamorous Apartment Complex

Remember the rule about not hooking up with your roommates? Throw it away. An apartment building in Brooklyn has been converted into Hacienda Villa, a residence for polyamorous people. HuffPost Live takes a look inside.

The Huffington Post has paid fairly regular attention to polyamory over the years.

Update: Leon also just got a half-hour interview on BBOX, Brooklyn Community Radio (June 15.)


Less happily, Fox News's The O'Reilly Factor did a hit job June 12th on the recent NBC News online profile of the Atlanta Poly Weekend organizers, with clips from the NBC report.

Best Fox News line: "The worst part about it is that all the adults are unattractive." Actually, as people on TV go, they were pretty spiffy; the guys are handsome and trim and the gal is cute and expressive. I'm fascinated by conservatives' obsession that we're all ugly. I have two theories. The first is that it's simply projection: to cultural conservatives the subject is gross, so they see everyone in it through gross-colored glasses.

But I lean to another theory: The only people who conservatives routinely see openly acknowledging their sexuality are strippers and porn stars. So strippers and porn stars are what people unashamed of their sexuality are supposed to look like. Normal people rarely do.



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