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September 18, 2014

Video: poly in Sydney, Australia

I'm noting this documentary video by a journalism student in Sydney, Australia, because at some point it took off, with 39,000 views so far. It's 28 minutes long and pretty good. By Simon Anderson. Enjoy.

Some more videos.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see this blog stick with stories in established media sources. When I see a YouTube video by a journalism student I wonder if Polyamory in the News's research has been reduced to simply Googling the word POLYAMORY...something we all could do. In the past, this blog seemed to do some genuine "digging" to help readers see where and how poly topics were spreading throughout the media.

September 19, 2014 7:42 AM  
Blogger Saul of Hearts said...

Re: Anoymous

YouTube IS the media these days. 39,000 views is no small thing, and videos like this can have as much impact as a clip on a TV news station. If we want to keep tabs on evolving views on poly, sticking to "established" media sources just isn't going to cut it. Glad to see stuff like this on the blog!

September 19, 2014 3:33 PM  
Blogger tosii2 said...

Getting a sense of polyamory's reach into all sorts of media and places of origin is right on target as far as I am concerned. Perhaps 'Anonymous' should try what he suggests sometime and see how big the flood is these days.

September 19, 2014 9:15 PM  

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