Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

November 16, 2014

"Briana, Joshua, & Tony's stories-and-songs love triangle wedding"

Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Offbeat Bride writes up another beautiful poly wedding — this one a legal couple-marriage followed by a triad handfasting. Comments Angi Becker Stevens, who wrote up her own wedding there last summer, "It continues to impress me that a wedding website is one of the most poly-friendly places on the interwebs."

Writes Briana,

We're a little different since we're a trio, not a couple, and I also have cerebral palsy, though that didn't affect the wedding itself. ...Not only is Tony the fantastic, beautiful, and talented third member of our triad (and Joshua's best man), he is also a gifted florist. He made my maid of honor's bouquet, as well as designing the flowers that adorned the tables....

Triple Kiss. (Photos by Carla Ten Eyck Photography.)

Tony made our cake topper, using as inspiration a story I had written Joshua one anniversary. In the story, I was a fox and Joshua was a cat. We refer often to Tony as "the sun" in our relationship, so he used the sun for a base on which the fox and cat would stand. He also sneakily arranged for a surprise grooms' cake that was Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed! Joshua and I first met at a stage production of Rocky Horror, and the triangle was formed years later when all three of us were performing in Rocky Horror together.

...Our recessional, for that matter, was an instrumental version of "Yellow Submarine." We wanted something both triumphant and fun, and that fit the bill. After our legal ceremony, which all our guests attended, Joshua, Tony, and I snuck off with a few close friends to have a second ceremony officiated by my maid of honor: a handfasting, binding all three of us to each other.

Read the whole piece, with lotsa pix (Nov. 14, 2014).

Here are all the poly weddings featured on Offbeat Bride that I've posted about (including this one; scroll down).




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