Polyamory in the News!
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April 2, 2016

"Has Polyamory Hit The Tipping Point?"

When enough people call it a trend, it's a trend. In Harlot magazine yesterday:

Has Polyamory Hit The Tipping Point?

Stereotyped polyamory stock photo
By Kitty Stryker

Polyamory is totally in right now.

It’s been covered in all the best and brightest digital media, from the Atlantic to ELLE to Forbes. Everyone wants to weigh in on the relationship dynamic. Even the Daily Mail, of all places, seems to have a hot take on polyamory – and they don’t seem to hate it.

The time has come to ask: has polyamory hit the tipping point?

There was a time where monogamy was the go-to default, where you had to create polycules in your personal Tumblr headcanon. Now it’s getting airtime at SXSW, on House of Cards, even being discussed in relationship to that thunderdome of red roses, The Bachelor. Have we reached a place in society where the perfect couple isn’t a couple anymore?

More to the point… do we want that?

If polyamory becomes normalized, what will happen to our daytime television?... Well, at least until networks hire more creative writers....

Read on (April 1, 2016). "Kitty Stryker is porn's riot grrl, striving to bring consent culture and feminism to the forefront of her work as a performer and producer... and has written for Buzzfeed, Fleshbot, the Guardian, the Daily Dot, and more. She blogs at KittyStryker.com" (NSFW).

For the record, the first article in this (ahem) massive archive* about polyamory reaching its tipping point was this one in Wired, dated February 29, 2008.

Full search of "tipping point" on this site.

* You're reading post number 1,213.


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Blogger monochoosespoly.tumblr.com said...

Latest season of "Shameless" on Showtime introduces it as well

April 03, 2016 8:56 PM  

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