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February 15, 2018

Another country heard from: Polyamory in Iceland

This just in from the Reykjavík Grapevine:

Interest In Polyamorous Relationships Increases Among Icelanders

By Alice Demurtas

In a country [of only 333,000] where “if you can think it, there is a Facebook group about it,” the polyamorous of Iceland have indeed created two online platforms to talk about their experiences. One of the Facebook groups, which is closed, counts 100 members, while the open one includes about 200.

María Rós Kaldalóns
The power of intimacy and love

María Rós Kaldalóns, one of the administrators of the aforementioned Facebook groups, explains that this kind of relationships is not simply the opposite of monogamy.

Instead, it needs to be explained as a natural desire to form meaningful relationships with more than one person. In a nutshell, it’s not just about sex but also about emotional connection, intimacy and love. “We reject the idea that you are meant to love only one person at the time, or that you’re bound to live with only one individual,” María Rós told RÚV [in Icelandic]. “You could be married or living with your partner but also with other people.”...

Sexuality: does it matter?

...María Rós explains that a high percentage of polyamorous people in Iceland are pansexual, ergo sexually attracted to people of any sex or gender, including transgender people, the androgynous or the gender fluid. ... “We don’t really look at one’s gender as a defining factor in a relationship.”...

A heart rock she spotted.

The whole article (February 15, 2018).




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