Polyamory in the News
. . . by Alan M.

May 24, 2019

Are polyfamily food trucks becoming a thing?

Another of these popped up in the news. This one is in Venice, Florida, reviewed in Sarasota Magazine: Hashtag Pizza, a New Food Truck, Wants to Be Trending Among Your Friends (May 22, 2019).

It’s not surprising that with a name like Hashtag Pizza, the owners of Venice’s newest food truck want be trending in their customers’ minds.

“We love our Venice locals,” says Hashtag Pizza co-owner Jennifer Stevens. “We’re mobile, but our mission is to turn Hashtag Pizza into a destination, the same as a brick-and-mortar.”

Stevens owns Hashtag Pizza with Alexis Armstrong and Jessica Robison, and the trio’s not just a business team — they are lesbians and polyamorous, as well. Starting Hashtag Pizza had been a longtime goal for the women, who started working on the business by paying $10,000 for a used church bus last year. Armstrong, a former welder, was able to pull the bus apart, turning it into a fully operational food truck, complete with a stove oven. ...


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Anonymous P.T. Bridgeport said...

Makes sense to me but---

PRO: A way for an unconventional, close group of people to earn their living outside of mainstream corporate Amerika and be a team together while doing it.

CON: A pressure cooker. If either the relationship OR the business fails, either is likely to drag down the other, leaving you alone AND unemployed.

Also, the nepotism trap. As they say in business, "It's easy to hire your brother-in-law but hard fire your brother-in-law." And the brother-in-law probably knows it.

May 25, 2019 1:27 PM  

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