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May 5, 2019

Leonard's mom goes polyamorous on Big Bang Theory

Scene from last Thursday's episode. Sheldon eyes his Nobel competitor.

Posts Jason Snowden, "We are definitely entering Stage 3 Polyamory [what's that] when Leonard on The Big Bang Theory just casually throws out that his mom is now polyamorous."

The Big Bang Theory is America's most popular TV comedy, averaging 18 to 20 million viewers a week for the last seven seasons. This season is its last, and it's building to a crescendo with just two episodes to go. The third-from-last episode aired Thursday (May 2). In the bit of dialog below, Leonard and Penny are discussing whether to expose plagiarism by Sheldon's rival for the Nobel Prize. Sheldon thinks doing this would be fighting dirty.

Leonard: ...Can’t believe it. Sheldon loves telling on people when they break the rules.
Penny: Yeah, well, maybe, he’s changed.
Leonard: He hasn’t changed. Last week when the vending machine gave me two bags of chips, he called my mom.
Penny: Well, that didn’t ruin your life.
Leonard: Well, it ruined my day. And I had to talk to my mom, who by the way is polyamorous now. So that’s fun to think about.

Courtesy Fandom.com.

Backstory: Leonard has had a fraught relationship since infancy with his cold, over-intellectual, hyper-critical mother Beverly, an acclaimed neuroscientist. She discovered her sexuality very late in life in previous episodes, much to Leonard's mortified squick-out.

Some 20 million viewers are expected to understand mom's latest escalation with no explanation of the word.

Thanks to Jason for the tip.


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Anonymous Margery the Medium-Rare said...

Yes, but what do all those viewers think the word MEANS? We gotta keep explaining it -- multiple LOVING relationships WITH the knowledge and blessing of everyone who's affected!

May 06, 2019 10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the show and I love the fact that a show dedicated to the idea of making outsiders more acceptable (in this case nerds) when the show began is a good thing if it can show poly Is acceptable too with humour. However if they do this badly it will only tarnish the idea for public and that is a worry. I believe hollyoaks recently had a triad poly group that failed in managing their relationship and breaking up,showing the public that it "doesn't work". Thanks guys. In short I really hope it works out as I love the show.

October 02, 2019 4:07 PM  

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