Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

August 7, 2019

The Dayton shooter's girlfriend is in the news as polyamorous

Adelia Johnson, the ex-girlfriend of the Dayton shooter who killed 10 people on August 4th, has posted her story of her relationship with him on Medium. In it, she explains that the reason she was able to date him while engaged to her fiance is because she is polyamorous. Her two mentions:

...By the end of the night, I was trashed from accidentally drinking too much from anxiety. [The future shooter] seemed way soberer than I was. So, we left my truck at the parking garage and he drove me home. On the way, I asked if it was a date. He asked what I wanted it to be. I told him that I asked him first. There was a pause. I told him I wanted it to be a date and explained that I’m polyamorous. He smiled and said that it was a date, then. We got to my apartment, and he walked me up. We lingered outside my door. I told him that I wanted to kiss him, but I wanted to kiss him sober. He chuckled and said that that was sweet. And we left it at that.

...Polyamory is confusing for everyone involved, but luckily he and my fiance at the time were both understanding and consenting.

...Our relationship mostly consisted of us going out drinking and talking about our mental illnesses and him telling me about world tragedies and me talking about TV shows.

Some of the right-wing internet is trying to exploit the polyamory bit politically, so here's her story so you know the reality: My Ex-Boyfriend was the Dayton Shooter (August 6, 2019).



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