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November 22, 2022

Today is Polyamory Day! Let's share it out.

Reasons to be Cheerful department: Today (Wednesday November 23) is Polyamory Day, whose origins are explained below.

But first, please share out the pic below, or one of the others with links further on, across your social and let's get this going, even bigger than last year. For polyamory visibility and recognition.

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The backstory:

For years people floated ideas for an appropriate Polyamory Day, but nothing happened. Then in 2017 the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA) took the initiative by declaring, with a press release, that November 23 would be National Polyamory Day in Canada, and the idea spread. In 2018 they repeated the announcement for not just Canada but worldwide. It spread further in the next several years, with other activists picking it up and running with it. By 2019 it was going around in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Italian. 

Why November 23?
 This is the day when, in 2011, a British Columbia Supreme Court judge ruled that Canada's anti-polygamy law does not apply to modern polyamorists, if they do not try to make a group relationship a formally sanctioned group marriage (polygamy). Previously, according to the law, three or more people merely living together in one dwelling "conjugally" could be sentenced to five years in prison, although no prosecution had been brought for many decades. The CPAA worked to make the favorable court decision happen.

But eleven years later the origin is fading into history, while the day is becoming a thing worldwide. Let's make this happen!


Here's from the press release CPAA just put out:

Wednesday, November 23, 2022, is Polyamory Day – a day celebrated every year around the world by people who consider themselves to be polyamorous, who are in polyamorous relationship(s), or who support polyamory as a valid relationship orientation or choice. On November 23rd, we ask: If you agree that polyamorous people are entitled to the same relationship rights, privileges, and governmental accommodation as others, please share a Polyamory Day image or meme on your social media, mailing lists, and blogs.  You can use an existing image or create a new one. Find Polyamory Day images by searching #polyamoryday on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. New Polyamory Day images will be released via our social media on or before November 23.

For more information, visit http://polyadvocacy.ca/polyamory-day-faq


Another image:

Click for hi-res.

More shareable images are in the Gallery of the new site polyamoryday.com.


And while we're at it, here's a list of other more-or-less settled recognition days that are poly related. 

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