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April 21, 2011

"A Gorgeous Wife, Her Loving Husband and Her Boyfriend"

Abiola TV / LSD: Love, Sex and Dating

Sassy, black, and sex-positive, Abiola Abrams ("The Lifestyle Passionista") appears on TV — "You've seen me interviewing people on BET, NBC & HBO, as a reality chick on VH1, & on MTV Teen Dating Empowerment Coach" — and she runs her own popular web TV show. An episode she recently aired was "Polygamy, Polyamory, Open Marriage: A Gorgeous Wife, Her Loving Husband and Her Boyfriend":

How to turn a threesome into a Happy Marriage! Juju Mama Kenya, Tantric teacher Rakim, and Kenya's boyfriend talk about love, relationships and polygamy.

You can watch the whole episode (1 hour; she gets to the guests at 10:35). It originally aired last July 23rd with the title "Polyamory & Open Relationships: 1 Woman, 2 Men."

Abiola calls this "one of our favorite episodes." A viewer picked up on other vibes, however: "I don't mind it being one woman two dudes, it's just the dudes seemed so unhappy. Her husband's jumpoff lives in the south, and the dark skinned guy visibly got upset at certain points when discussing the arrangement. If only 1 out of the 3 seem to be happy what's the point?"

So were the guys unhappy, or just untrained in how they look on TV? The boyfriend in particular seemed to stare into space as if he didn't even grasp that he was on camera. A reminder: before attempting to do television on such an edgy topic, get free tips and training from Joreth and other volunteers at the Polyamory Media Association. You'll be glad you did.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

a huge fuckin bowl of wrong altogether

April 21, 2011 11:09 PM  
Blogger Dark Daughta said...

I couldn't actually watch it. She sort of grated on my nerves. But then again I've been watching Sister Wives and Big Love. So, clearly I'm not any sort of authority on anything. :) Nonetheless, I worry that this kind of pop-poly fast food will reinforce the idea that Black folks are apolitical, fast talking, flashy, fun loving sexual types who need to be educated by "grounded", "experienced", "knowledgeable", "politicized" white poly types who just sort of cough uncomfortably at the "crazy" antics of this wild and happy go lucky Black amerikkkan woman who must surely be understood by the white geek educated mostly middle class set as so clearly not poly in any way folks need to acknowledge...but we needed to have some COC (content of colour). And regardless of how processed or surface she may seem, she fit that bill. sigh...I'll keep checking back. Really enjoying the complete renaissance in poly literatures that really delve into the issues faced by poly groupings and families with children. I appreciate this place being part of the information relay.

May 20, 2011 10:33 AM  

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