Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

May 19, 2018

Baaad poly in the news: 50 Cent sued for posting revenge porn after friend's girlfriend declined polyamory

This is becoming hot in celebrity and #MeToo news. In TMZ:

'Love & Hip Hop' star Teairra Mari made good on her tearful vow to sue her ex-boyfriend and 50 Cent for posting her sexually explicit video and photos.

In the suit, Teairra says her ex, Akbar Abdul-Ahad logged into her Instagram account and posted the video, which included an image of Teairra with ejaculate all over her face. She believes Akbar was getting back at her because she didn't want to be in a polyamorous relationship, as he had suggested.

Teairra says that's why she broke up with him earlier this month, and shortly afterward he informed her his phone had been stolen. In docs, obtained by TMZ, she says that was the moment she knew he was planning to post their sex videos.

Teairra says she deleted the IG post as soon as she saw it, but that's when 50 Cent got involved. According to the suit, the rapper posted the ejaculate screen grab in black and white, in order to highlight the fluid on her face. She points out 50 has 18 million followers....

Teairra adds, Fiddy [50] has a bad track record ... pointing out he already had to fork out $7 million to a Rick Ross baby mama for posting a sex tape clip of her.

Teairra says it's a brazen attempt to "slut shame" her that's causing her "significant long term emotional injuries, requiring psychiatric services." She's suing both men for revenge porn, invasion of her privacy and emotional distress.

The article (May 17, 2018).

The Blast:

...Marí says Abdul-Ahad was upset because she claims he was trying to develop a polyamorous relationship, and a reality show highlighting that polyamorous lifestyle, but she wanted no part.

Marí says after she removed the video and photo that Abdul-Ahad had posted, his friend 50 Cent posted the material on his own page. She says 50 even applied a “black and white” filter to highlight the color contrast of semen on Marí’s face. He captioned the photo “get the strap,” to which the reality star claims was a possible reference to encourage his fans to harm her.

Whole article (May 17).

USA Today:

...“[Abdul-Ahad] had my Instagram password, so he posted them on my Instagram to make me look terrible,” she said at the press conference.

...Bloom, who represents high-profile clients including Blac Chyna and Kathy Griffin, revealed that she planned to file both a police report and also a lawsuit against both Abdul-Ahad and the rapper that same day.

“Apparently, 50 Cent’s misogyny and ego is so inflated that he still needs to be schooled that the law applies to him, just like everyone else,” she added at the press conference.

In response to the controversy, the rapper, 42, has been posting a series of joke images to his Instagram. ...

Whole article (May 17). Many more.

● Akbar Abdul-Ahad says he wasn't the one who posted the tape and will countersue her for defamation.




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