Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

September 26, 2018

Oh man, do the tabloids still
love us to death

They're called the red-tops.
So that Polyamory in the News won't be all British tabloids all the time, I've been holding them back. Time to let the dam burst.

Most of these 15 new articles are quite similar: smiling young committed polyfamilies, all white (though one is all genderqueer) — presented with super-long headlines, one-sentence paragraphs, and an undercurrent of "Look at these happy weirdos! You won't BELIEVE how they make it work!" And tons of pics.

Occasionally the subjects of the story manage to transcend the trashy medium, no small feat. Here's one of my favorites. And say what you will, most of these stories could help your tabloid-reading relatives see you and yours in a better light. Or at least see that you're doing a trendy thing, which in tabloid world really matters.

The agencies that supply these stories and pictures to the British tabs often recruit their subjects in the US. I hear they pay well. Nondisclosure agreements keep people pretty mum, so I don't know the going rate. Just assume that their first offer is a lowball to see if you'll fall for it.

Short excerpts from sometimes long stories:

● In the Daily Mail, from California: ‘Our relationship has no rules’: Man in an open 'throuple' with his two girlfriends reveals they sleep together AND with other women – and are planning to marry and start a family (September 21, 2018):

Jimmy Silva, 31, Chacha Va Voom, 29, and Summer Pelltier, 25, all from California, have been in a throuple since 2012 and have plans to get married and have children.

Since they met the trio have been inseparable and are in love, but decided to keep their relationship open, agreeing that it is alright for them to collectively date other girls as a triad, as long as they are honest with each other and all three give the green light.

'Our relationship has no rules with each other. We always love, make out, hold hands, we try to put no limits. We all have sex together and we enjoy it more when it's all three of us,' Jimmy said.

...'We have gone to other states like in Utah where all three of us were holding hands and a lady at the market kind of shrugged her shoulders, but that was probably the worst reaction we've received.

'Don't get in a triad just because it's the new thing to do or you think that it's a cool idea. When you find someone that makes you feel happy and you and your partner feels the same way then it's a green light and you should go for it.

'Stay honest with each other, it's the only way a triad relationship can work. Honesty and respect is the only way.' ...

● From Arizona, in the Daily Mail, a unicorn-hunting couple strikes gold: We're a 'throuple'! Married couple invites another woman to join the relationship and become a second 'mama' to their children after meeting on Instagram (Sept. 17).

A couple who have been together for 10 years and share two children have revealed how they invited another woman to join their relationship after meeting on Instagram, and hope to expand their family with her.

Kori Baker, 27, and Stephen Pape, 28, from Phoenix, Arizona met their girlfriend, photographer, Katarina Kearns, 26, when the two women bonded over their love for yoga and photography.

The throuple - who describe themselves as a 'tribe' - consider the relationship they formed last November to be like any monogamous one and have sex, go on dates and trips away together.

...Kori and Stephen gave Katarina a promise ring just before Christmas to symbolise their love for her, while their children Hadlee and Payson love the additional attention they receive from their new 'mama' Katarina.

And Katarina hopes to have children with the pair despite her own parents not approving of her joining the open-minded couple.

'Polyamory means dating more than one person at one time. In our case, we are a closed triad, some choose to have an open relationship, but we do not. So, the three of us is dating each other equally,' explained Kori.

'It means an abundance of love but also communication and understanding. Opening up to things like desires, fantasies, needs, issues, and concerns within the tribe or one person themselves, we are all here for each other.

'Everyone brings something to our tribe.'

● Again from California in the Daily Mail: Women in a polyamorous ‘throuple’ reveal they want their man to get them BOTH pregnant at the same time to avoid jealousy (Aug. 10).

Lindsay Schoepf, 27, from Glendora, California, is in a relationship with married couple Brittney, 26, and Terry Stroup, 28, and the trio recently announced they are planning a 'commitment ceremony' to make their unconventional relationship official.

Speaking via video link on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Friday, they explained how they were navigating starting a family in a three-way relationship.

...The throuple said communication was incredibly important between them and when quizzed by presenter Ranvir Singh about jealousy, insisted there is none.

...The triad are planning to cement their three-way relationship with a commitment ceremony similar to a marriage - and they plan to raise their future children together as part of their 'new-nuclear' family. ...

The Daily Mail put up a video of them.

● From parts unknown, in the often dumber, nastier Daily Star: Polyamorous throuple reveal ALL about unconventional love life and marriage plans (Sept. 4).

Charlotte Gary, 25, has been in a happy relationship with Gabriel Baxter, 29, since 2013.

But three years into their partnership, the Florida-based couple decided to invite Amberly Worrell, 29, into their romantic arrangement.

As feelings between the trio have blossomed, they have spoken about their experiences to raise awareness about polyamory.

While the threesome have the support of their family and friends, they warn that the lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

...Charlotte: "I met Amberly when I was in middle school, but we didn't become really good friends until I was out of high school dating one of her friends.

"Gabriel and I met through the same friend at the time she was walking home in the rain. Gabriel stopped to help her and that's when I saw him – I think I fell in love with both of them or knew I was going to be with them both the day I met them.

...Amberly added: "Most people assume that Charlotte and I are sisters because of our red hair, so often times, they're surprised or shocked.

"Once they realise that we are all together, they tell Gabby how lucky he is.”

Thankfully, the polyamorous lovers have more support from their family and friends.

Amberly explained: “My family just wants me to be unequivocally happy.

...Charlotte added: "My family fully accepts our relationship. My mum and dad just want us all to love and be happy. I know a lot of people do not agree with our lifestyle, but I don't really care how others view us because it's our life to live.”

● Also in the Daily Star: I'm in a hot threesome relationship – we eat sleep and love together (Sept. 26).

All three of us eat, sleep and love together.

Our bed is enormous and our life is amazing. We met three years ago in Ibiza.

...When the season was over she offered us the dream lifeline.

She suggested we both go and live with her in her sumptuous apartment rent-free.

We leapt at the chance and have been the Three Amigos ever since.

...The only fly in the ointment, however, is having to deal with my boyfriend’s family.

The problem is that he refuses to be open and honest with them about our set-up.

They live locally and are prone to popping round with gifts of food and drink. ...

● From Columbus, Ohio, in the Mirror: Polyamorous couple share bed with TWO 'wives' and raise their eight children to call all three women "mum" (July 16).

Elizabeth Lowe, 30, and husband James, 38, were married for five years before inviting Ashley Lowe and Audrie Lowe, both 22, into their marriage.

The four of them - whose children are aged between one and eight - share a king-sized bed and have a rotation in bed so everyone gets a turn sleeping next to each other.

Elizabeth said the relationship feels "completely natural", but it has left her mum furious and led to them being shunned by their church.

But the mum, from Columbus, Ohio in the US, said she wouldn't change a thing about her love life, adding: "My two wives, husband and I are happier than ever.

"We don't care what society thinks, because we love each other dearly."

..."It wasn't until we went on a family camping trip in February 2015 when Ashley told us she wanted to join our relationship.

"We told her we loved her too. That day, we bought a king-sized bed so that we had plenty of space at night.

"We slept together for the first time. Being intimate with three other people felt completely natural."

The quad soon labelled themselves as in a polyfidelity relationship where all members are considered equal partners and there's a mutual agreement to not allow any sexual activity with people outside of the group.

Their kids - Joanna, eight, Julia, seven, Jenna, six, Jane, four, Juniper, three, Jennifer, two, Johnathon, two, and Jaia, one - all call Elizabeth, Audrie and Ashley "mum".

Elizabeth said: "It was a beautiful experience for me and Audrie to be pregnant together and we were able to help each other.

"Our kids love having three mummies, they understand the difference between their biological mother and the other ladies.

..."I believe that everyone has a soulmate and I'm lucky enough to have found three."

The story originally appeared four days earlier in the Daily Mail with the headline EXCLUSIVE: Husband and wife who are in a polyamorous relationship with a married lesbian couple reveal how the foursome all sleeps in the same bed - and are raising their eight kids to call all three women 'mom' (July 12).

They also appeared in The Sun under the headline POLY QUAD. Polyamorous parents share a king-sized bed with their TWO girlfriends – and all four take turns having sex with each other (July 13).

● From Florida, in The Sun: THREESY DOES IT. Mum reveals she’s in a polyamorous relationship with her two husbands – but they save threesomes for ‘special occasions’ (July 26).

Carrie Jamison, 42, from Florida, has been in a relationship with Chris Jamison, 43, and Kyle Jamison, 48, for eight years – despite concerns from relatives.

Carrie, a housewife, who has been married to first husband Kyle, an engineer, since 2005, insists their unconventional situation is normal.

...In August 2011, Carrie’s friend Chris, a fire safety officer, revealed that he had feelings for her.

Carrie says: “We’d known each other since we were 12 years old. His marriage had just fallen apart and he was coming round our house three days a week.

“I had always found Chris attractive and when he confessed his feelings for me I realised that I felt the same way.

“We told Kyle how we felt but I wanted him to know that I still loved him.

“Kyle told Chris that as we all got along so well, that he should join our relationship.

“I was shocked, but it made sense. When researching, I discovered that we were feeling polyamory.”

...“Kids at school sometimes made comments about our relationship to the twins, but they just shrugged it off and defended us.

“The first night snuggled in bed between my two men, I was so happy. My life felt complete.”

...“People always stare at us in the street when the three of us hold hands and give us dirty looks.

...“My aunt is an ordained minister and we had two of our close friends there as witnesses. I wore a white dress and we all exchanged rings. I said ‘I do’ to my two husbands.”

● From Australia, in the Daily Star: ‘I moved my new girlfriend in with my husband’ Woman opens up about unusual relationship (July 13).

...The Australian couple were on holiday in South Africa when Gabby spotted Nadine – who was their private chef in an up-market resort.

...That evening they spent a passionate night together and their lives have been different ever since.

So how does Simon feel about his wife sleeping with another woman?

“I actually encouraged it. I could see the connection between them and told Gabby she needed to explore that.

“My faith in our bond is concrete and I trust her implicitly.

After a year of long-distance romance, Nadine moved to Australia and has been living with the couple for a few months.

Simon added: “In fact, it enhances us because I feel from Gabby a very real sense of gratitude that I can embrace this.

“Restricting a relationship is easy. But allowing for this kind of expansion is very difficult. There’s the fear of change and the unknown.” ...

● From the American South, in the indefatigable Daily Mail, Polyamorous trio who are engaged to each other and sleep in the same king size bed reveal there's NO jealousy in their relationship and insist it's not all about sex (May 30).

– Nic Chandler, 27, from Tennessee was born male but identifies gender neutral.
– Met Rachel Kouris, 26, a transgender woman, on a dating site.
– Then met Xander, a transgender man, through work and he joined them as trio.
– Trio share same king size bed and insist their relationship is very conventional.

...'We bonded over having similar interests and both being trans. We hung out more and more and he just blended in seamlessly,' said Nic.

'My big worry would be how he'd get on with Rachel, but they clicked right away.

'I have been in polyamorous relationships before, where the other two preferred each other, which was the first time I think I had reservations about them. But this hasn't been an issue with us. Xander fits in perfectly.

Around six months ago, the trio entered into an official relationship and now all live together.

Despite making their romance official in March 2018, when Xander, who works in retail, proposed at a cosplay dressing up event in Michigan, it is acceptable for them all to have other lovers.

...'We have a normal relationship. We'll argue over Netflix or what to have for dinner just like anybody else - the only difference is there's one extra person to do it with.'

...'The other two also have veto abilities, which they haven't used yet, but sometimes we all have down days and might not necessarily want to see our partner going off with someone else.

...Now, Nic is speaking out to dispel common myths around polyamory, saying that the trio have never experienced any negativity for their relationship.

The 27-year-old continued: 'I'm out to all my friends and people my age – millennials and those from Gen Z – are very liberal and accepting anyway.

'Where we live, in the south of America, doesn't have a great reputation for the way it deals with "otherness", but a lot of the time, it gets brought up around people who already know, so it isn't an issue.'

They also appeared in Metro UK with the headline Transgender polyamorous trio are engaged and share a king size bed (May 30).

● From Finland, in the Daily Mail again: Woman, 32, who became polyamorous after a DECADE of marriage reveals she now alternates between living with her husband and boyfriend – and insists the men are FRIENDS (Aug. 16).

...Over time, Sarra felt a romantic connection to Jani and she soon told both men that she wanted to be polyandrous - which refers to a woman having two male partners - with them both.

Although the men were both taken aback by the announcement and the concept of being polyamorous, they have learned to live with their newfound lifestyle since and have found it works for them.

'Being married to two guys isn't legal in Finland, so I'm legally married to Ville, and in 2020 I will have a Pagan/Viking ceremony with Jani called handfasting. It's kind of like a wedding but the priest is our friend.

'We don't all live together yet, but we hope to soon. We do own a café together though. ...

● Yet more Daily Mail, this time from Russia: Woman who is in a polyamorous ‘throuple’ with her former religion teacher and another woman reveals why she could NEVER go back to monogamy (June 28).

For most girlfriends, sharing their partner is a complete no-go, but for Serafima Eriklintseva, 24, she actively encourages it.

She first met boyfriend Ivan Lebedev, 30, at school, but the pair didn't get together until after she left.

Serafima then met her girlfriend Apollinaria Mayslik-Mertsalova, 21, while at summer camp and the threesome became a throuple three years ago.

The loved-up trio, who live in Moscow, Russia, now try and spend as much time together when they're not working or studying.

Serafima said: 'We consider ourselves a family and say we're husband and wives. ... I don't think family means sharing the same blood as another, family are those who stay with you throughout your life.'

A video of them (click through):

The Sun: Polyamorous ‘throuple’ have sex as a threesome… and now they want to get married and have children together (June 20).

Natalie Fink, 22, from Freiburg, in Germany, and first boyfriend Yannick Gwarys, 22, decided to start dating other people in 2016 - shortly before meeting Michael Flamm, 22.

The ‘Throuple’ often share a bed and have threesomes, but the boys insist they’re heterosexual.

Natalie and Yannick met at college and were friends for many years before they fell in love in 2014.

But after watching a documentary on the German artist Max Ernst, who lived in a polyamorous relationship, they decided a monogamous life wasn’t for them and the two started talking about dating others.

Natalie says: “I know some people will think we’re weird but they shouldn’t judge us until they’ve tried it. We’re all very happy and love each other very much. We get the best of all worlds this way.”

...Natalie: "Our sex is not like a pornographic threesome, we’re about love, emotions, and respect. We decided against primary and secondary roles in this relationship because we wanted everybody to be equal, we just improvise. Sometimes it might be just the two of us in bed.”

Natalie says the three spend many nights sleeping alone and in their own rooms – which they agreed on for space – but often sleep together in her bed. However, she admits she spends more nights with Yannick.

...Their families were devastated by the relationship at first, but eventually they accepted it.

Natalie says: “The world around us has a problem with our relationship, but we feel happy and strong.” ...

● A cute-kids heartwarmer in the Mirror and the Daily Mail: Adorable sons of polyamorous family desperate for a baby sister have BEST reaction to mum's pregnancy reveal (June 12).

Courtney Cantano, 27, from Huntington Beach, California, US, recorded a video as she told her sons how to read a positive pregnancy test confirming that another sibling on the way.

Watch the video

Sons Dario and Anthony, eight and three, looked ecstatic after hearing one of their mums was expecting a new addition to their polyamorous family, during the treasured moment in January.

...The family will be expecting their first child together in October.

This will be the first child for Courtney, with the partners Michelle and Matthew having two boys of their own prior to becoming a 'thruple.'

Courtney: "Both boys really easily transitioned into a polyamorous family, they call me 'purple mum' and Michelle 'blue mum' because of the colours of our hair. ...

● The Sun: OUR V-SOME. ‘I watch my girlfriend having sex with other people but she won’t let me join in’ – inside the UK’s polyamorous relationships (Aug. 28).

WATCHING your partner have sex with someone else is most people's worst nightmare.

But for a growing number of people in the UK, it's a part of everyday life - as they live in polyamorous communities, meaning they have sex and fall in love with several people at once. ...

● And if you cringe at even the upbeat tabloid coverage, consider how bad it can get. Again from the Daily Mail: 'I've received a lot of hatred': Meet the Australian soldier, 36, who swapped the battlefield to live with his wife, fiancée AND two 'sex slaves' in a country town. TW: bondage and apparently consensual (?? not sure I believe it!) 24/7 master-slave kink (Aug. 14).

...Mr Davis, who has given himself the title of 'patriarchal overlord', requires the four women to wear collars, ask permission to use the bathroom, and call him 'master'.

Eager to get out of Sydney, Mr Davis constructed a dungeon, called House of Cadifor.

...Aged between 19 and 27, the women are also in different types of relationships with one another and participate in sex parties at their home.

'Good morning Master, your owned property Slave 808497061 has missed you, and is here presented ready and waiting to serve you,' Mr Davis's wife Charlotte said while in a submissive pose in front of him....

'[People] think I must be some kind of abusive oppressor, a misogynist, manipulator, or even a monster,' he said.

'But the truth is, I'm just a guy who loves both freedom and commitment, and who was lucky enough to find some incredible women to love, and who love me back.'

Mr Davis describes himself as a 'rope performer, fetish photographer, BDSM writer, kink educator, lifestyle dominant and consent advocate'.

This story also appeared in the New Zealand Herald, as Soldier who swapped battlefield to live with wife, fiancée and 'sex slaves' (Aug. 15).


Many of the British tabs share stories with their competitors in the UK and syndicate them worldwide, including to the New York Post. I don't try anymore to track who published first or where they go, nor is this list complete since my last roundup just four months ago.




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