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June 4, 2019

Refinery 29: "The Best Dating Apps For Non-Monogamous Couples"

Here's a signal boost for an article yesterday in the feminist Refinery 29 — because so many of you bemoan the limited poly-specific dating pool, and the annoyance and drama that arise from casting nets that, however well you try to craft them, drag up the wrong fish.

The Best Dating Apps For Non-Monogamous Couples [and poly singles, might I add? –Ed.]

By Erika W. Smith

...Polyamory is typically defined as being in multiple romantic relationships at the same time, with everyone knowing and consenting. Ethical non-monogamy is an umbrella term that encompasses a lot more — polyamory, as well as swinging, having threesomes, and having occasional casual sex outside a relationship (which Dan Savage calls “monogamish”). In other words, ethical non-monogamy is anything outside of a monogamous relationship, with everyone involved knowing and consenting. ...

In recent years, some mainstream dating apps have made tweaks to be more welcoming to polyamorous couples [sic]. In 2016, OkCupid added a feature allowing people who list themselves as “in an open relationship,” “married,” or “seeing someone” to link their profiles to their primary partner’s. Other apps, such as Feeld, have been developed with non-monogamy in mind.

...Be honest in your bio. Say what you're looking for, not what you're NOT looking for. [And, I might add, specify exactly what "polyamory" means for you.] Be kind. Don't get overzealous with swiping, because there won't be a perfect person waiting there. ...

Then comes a click-along slide show (because capitalism) briefly describing Feeld, OKCupid, PolyFinda, Tinder, and #open. Those are their logos above.

The article (June 3, 2019).

My previous posts about poly dating.


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Hmmm I do not see the new app www.itlenm.com on this list. Its our favorite as it built for us instead of us trying to make it work for our lifestyle

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